• Daria Brooks

Thar be sharks, m' ladies and gents!

Ahoy, fellow mariners, and greetings from Nereidia Pacifica! Prince Solas, here (or 'Pincin' to you, my friends), checking in with all the latest news from The Royal City Of Lycana.

All is ship-shape and Bristol fashion here in our beloved Pacific and we are staying well and happy, in spite of that nasty virus that has circled the Earth. One good thing about living underwater is that germs like that don't have a chance below the waves. Just the same, my elder sister, Princess Bualile, is being very careful when she visits her palace on the shores of Santa Monica Bay. It is wise for all of us to remain in our home-waters as much as possible right now to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this dreadful malady. Believe me, you will be glad that you did when the fun and excitement resumes in a few weeks!

Bubble, Squeak and I have had an exciting adventure recently wherein we met the most fascinating land-dweller: A Marine Scientist who also surfs! Her name is Apryl Boyle and what she doesn't know about the health of our global marine ecology isn't worth knowing. We met her through my brother-in-law Asterus The Messenger, The Viscount Borealis--and yes, it often seems that everyone in this soggy burg has at least one title. It is something you get used to when you are a member of a royal family; our Princess Lile has more titles than Lycana has streets! Anyway, Asterus had a recent encounter with a band of swell sharks: They needed the assistance of an expert in shark health and he found the BEST! If you are interested in learning more about our 'finny friends,' then you should check out El Porto Shark (or and tune in for Apryl's lessons on Marine Science, Monday through Friday at 11am PT, or catch them any time on YouTube. (Additionally, you might catch her as a consultant on series airing on NatGeo and Discovery Channel). I would join all of you for Apryl's lessons, but we have lousy Internet reception this far below the waves...!

Our shark adventure gave me a great idea: It's time for another book about our intrepid family, our friendly local sea creatures and our awesome land-bound friends, too! It will be titled "Pincin And The Shark Defenders," even though my sisters will once again object to not being mentioned. (I will be sure to give them plenty of story time to make up for it, not that they would have it any other way)! The book will be available sometime this Fall. I hope you will join me in learning all about our Pacific shark population and how you can help make a safer environment that will protect and sustain them. They need your assistance and our planet desperately needs their help.

Until next time, I am your devoted servant, Solas, the Prince Of The Pacific.

Cheers! -- Pincin

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