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A New Book And An Old Flame!

Fall is finally, of course, the temperatures are rising and I am beginning to plot my next book. But wait--let's talk about the NEW book! "Pincin And The Blue Whales" was released last month and is already garnering some great reviews. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write a review or a kind note to say how much they have enjoyed Pincin's latest exploits with the Broussard sisters and, this time out, with his own sisters, the meddlesome but lovable Princesses Ciona and Lile. There is more to come from all of the cast very soon. (Ciona can see sharks in their future)!

You might notice another new addition to the site: "A Queen Pilgrimage." (See tabs) In future, that section will host travel information for fans of the band Queen regarding visits that fans (including yours truly) have made to sights related to the band. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the world through their eyes as I traveled around their old haunts in 2017, taking in the sights in Kensington, Barnes and other spots in London and then traveling to Roger Taylor country: Cornwall!

Currently, the "Pilgrimage" page is hosting the fanzine "Insanity Laughs," created by Blake Schofield. Designed by Blake and yours truly, we two compiled photos of Queen-related tattoos, 'Rogerina' devotees and art into a publication meant to honor Roger Taylor on the occasion of his 70th birthday. After carrying a torch for that man for 45 years, it was really nice to create a publication put together with sincere love for him and all that he has given to music....and fashion, as demonstrated by my Roger Taylor Paper Doll. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the project. We hope that we have done him proud!

Big hugs: Be good to each other, and Happy Halloween!

Cheers -- Daria

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