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Coming soon: A new 'Legacy' adventure!

On the heels of "A Legacy Of The Pacific"™ and the solo adventure, "Pincin, Prince Of The Pacific"™ comes a new tale of valor above and below the ocean waves, "Pincin And The Blue Whales."™ Young Prince Solas, nicknamed 'Pincin,' continues his campaign to rid his beloved Pacific of the tons of plastic garbage that pollute the waters from the coast of California to the shores of Japan. In this story, he is again joined in his cause by the enthusiastic Broussard sisters--Gracie and Sophia--and their grandfather, Captain Breaux. While collecting plastic to be recycled, the children witness one of the most amazing sights of our coastal waters: A Blue whale and her wayward calf! The kids find themselves in the middle of the unexpected rescue of the calf amidst the attention of well-meaning viewers along the shoreline and a news helicopter crew who might inadvertently reveal the existence of the secretive nation of Nereidia.

In addition to Pincin's land-dwelling friends, he is also joined by his magical elder mermaid sisters, the Princesses Ciona and Bual-lile and, of course, his faithful pal, Bubble the dolphin. As with "Pincin, Prince Of The Pacific," this adventure teaches the importance of ocean ecology and the need to protect the endangered cetacean population as they migrate along our western coast.

"Pincin And The Blue Whales" (ISBN: 978-0-692-93065-6) is headed for stores in October 2018.

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