'Legacy' Character profiles

Princess Ciona-Mara: The eldest of the three children of the former King Cluanach’s captive consort, Nu’uanu, 19 year old Ciona is a traditional mermaid, like her mother. She was born with a sleek, teal-colored tail and fins. Because this was an undesirable trait in a royal heir, she was banished to the dungeons below the Royal Palace Of Lycana, where she lived in a fantasy world of docile sea monsters, with sharks and an octopus for nursemaids. After being rescued by Pincin, Bualile and their cousin, Curadh, Ciona was returned to her rightful place as a princess of the royal family. She soon fell in love with the dashing and handsome Asterus The Messenger, the courier of her grandmother, the Queen Thera Of The Merlands. In order to provide a home for the orphaned children of Lycana, Ciona married Asterus and set up a household in a wing of the palace for their 99 young charges.

Ciona is a natural empath who intensely feels the pains and joys of others. She is able to transmit calm and concern telepathically and often accidentally reads the minds of sentient beings near and far when they are in distress. Additionally, Ciona has a vast knowledge of nostrums, potions and salves, as well as an innate ability to create magical spells and incantations. Like Lile and Pincin, Ciona can manipulate water and use it to her advantage. Her darker powers are all but completely hidden beneath a bright and sunny disposition and a quirky sense of humor, in contrast to her often brusque younger sister.  



Princess Bualile: The Princess Royal, Royal Patroness Of Art And Culture, Commander Royal Of His Majesty’s Cadets and in possession of multiple other titles, Bualile was a 16 year old cadet when she was discovered by noted fashion designer Stephane Broussard and encouraged to model his trendsetting clothing, making her the toast of three continents. What the glitterati did not know was that the modelling world’s newest gamine was really Princess Bualile Of Nereidia Pacifica, the heir apparent of her empire. Unlike her elder sister, Lile, whose name means ‘Water Lily’ in Gaelic, is a legged mermaid and able to live both above and below the waves, which she enjoys for the freedom it affords her. Thanks to the fortune that she has amassed while modeling, Lile is a philanthropist in charge of a charity that supports the protection of marine mammals and sharks. At home in Lycana, she is the Commander Of The Royal Navy and acts as regent for her younger brother and future king, Prince Solas (Pincin). Of her siblings, Bualile is the only one of the three who was raised in the palace by their father, King Cluanach and his wife, Queen Garula, both deceased.

Lile has a serious, stern countenance, as befits one with serious concerns for her family and her nation. She has considerable fighting skills, having studied hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship and methods of attack. Sparing with others both physically and verbally come naturally to her, and her sardonic wit is just as quick and able as is her use of her favorite weapon: An ice sabre, which she conjures from the minerals in surrounding waters. She, like her siblings, shares an ability to manipulate water, with her specialty being hard water constructs and water walls. Lile has very little patience with people and situations that waste her time, as she has so little to spare among her many tasks. Though initially skeptical of Pincin’s claim to her father’s throne, Bualile has come to love and trust her little brother, though she rarely approves of any of his activities beyond studying and sleeping. Anything else and she wants to know about it….yesterday!



Prince Solas (Pincin)

Prince Solas (Pincin): As the only male heir to his throne, King Cluanach was justly proud of his handsome and charming young son, Solas Mor…until the day that the five year old boy began to sprout silvery fins from his arms, legs and spine. For this ‘crime,’ little Prince Solas was used as a bargaining chip with a foreign aggressor but somehow escaped and spent the next seven years alternately living by his wits on the streets of Lycana and roaming the nearby ocean colonies in search of a home. While running away from a nefarious thief who had preyed upon him, the boy now nicknamed ‘Pincin’ (meaning ‘minnow’) literally ran into his elder cousin, Curadh, The Duke Of Oceanus and his friend Liam, a lieutenant in the Royal Navy. From the moment they met, Curadh and Pincin bonded; soon afterward, Curadh recognized Pincin’s remarkable gray eyes as being quite the same as those of his cousin, Princess Bualile. Taking Pincin back to the palace of his birth was the beginning of a new life for the courageous boy and the start of his new life of amazing adventures. 

Pincin has an affinity with every creature in the ocean, able to bond with each molecule around him. He is able to manipulate water to his advantage, changing it from liquid to gaseous to hard form at will. As his true name means ‘Great Light,’ Pincin suitably is able to manipulate light of any kind and use it to his advantage, particularly in battle. Should this fail him, Prince Pincin resorts to using his trusty dagger, always by his side. His best friends are Bubble, a bottle-nosed dolphin who has adopted him as her calf, and Squeak, an orphaned otter from the coves near Monterey. Pincin’s greatest assets are his concern and compassion for others and his adventurous spirit. 

Curadh: As The Duke Of Oceanus and the son of Prince Eionn of Lycana, Curadh grew up brave, intelligent and privileged. As a young man of 25, he became a captain of the Royal Navy; in battle, he became a witness to the carnage caused by needless wars. He developed a deep compassion for those in need and constantly looked for ways to be of help to others. Upon finding his missing cousin, Prince Solas, Curadh became his protector, regent and confidant. The two share a close, friendly relationship and Pincin often seeks guidance from his older cousin. Even though Pincin thinks his roaming of the local waterways is free and unfettered, Curadh knows better and always keeps a watchful eye on his young charge everywhere he travels. 

A steadfast soldier and a loyal cousin, Curadh serves in whatever capacity best assists Ciona, Lile and Pincin. He is immensely strong and capable but also affable and fun-loving. Along with his childhood friend, Liam, a boisterous prankster of the House Of Lachlan, Curadh protects Lycana, her royal family and her citizens. 



Gracie and Sophia Broussard: 11 year old Gracie and her 9 year old sister Sophia are what Pincin refers to as ‘landlubbers’ or ‘striders.’ They live in the coastal city of San Pedro, California, where they enjoy their weekends by spending time with their grandfather, retired physician William Breaux, a Louisiana transplant. Dr. Breaux told the girls of a person he assumed to be a mermaid who often swam to his dock with nets of discarded plastic items found in the nearby waterways. He and the mysterious visitor had become partners in recycling over the previous months, yet they had never met. Accidentally lobbing a bottle of water over the side of their grandfather’s boat taught both the girls and the passing Pincin a slightly painful lesson when it wacked him on the head, but soon afterward the children were all fast friends. Gracie and Sophia love to swim with the young prince and understand the importance of helping him to clear plastic trash from the harbor and the local marinas. 

Asterus The Messenger: Angelic, reserved and soft-spoken, Asterus is from a tribe of fierce Centaurians (half-man/half-seahorse) known throughout the ocean world as the Muirgen Warriors. Cast out from amongst them for his gentle, artistic and pacifist nature, he was utilized by Queen Thera to travel the realms as her messenger. Upon meeting his distant cousin, the winsome Princess Ciona, Asterus fell madly in love and began writing poetry and song in her honor, much to the annoyance of her cynical sister, Princess Bualile. Brave, true and willing to make any sacrifice for his beloved, Asterus seemingly lost his life in her defense, but looks are often deceiving. He was returned to his beloved’s side when his spell of protection was broken and they soon married. The true test of their love lies in their repeated separation for long periods as Asterus performs his duties throughout the oceans.

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