Swim with Pincin and Bubble!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to glide through the waves like Pincin and Bubble? Going whale and dolphin watching is the nearest thing to it. What an exciting rush to sail along at top speed, watching blue whales, gray whales and dolphin pods as they frolic in the waves, just as our heroes do. Watch the videos below and come along for a swim! 

All photography © Daria Brooks; images were taken in the Santa Catalina Channel, Spring 2019

It's a bright day in March and Bubble has found a friendly dolphin pod to play with. They glide along in the wake of a sleek ship, chattering away with their clicks. 

Sometimes as early as April, gray and blue whales visit our local waters on their way to the inland sea of Baja Mexico. There, mother whales birth their calfs and teach them the skills they will need to survive on their return trip up the coast to the icy waters of British Columbia and Alaska. 

It's easy to tell when a whale is nearby: The water churns and suddenly a huge plume of water shoots into the air! Many whale watching tours use modern detection systems to follow the movement of whales underwater, allowing them to rapidly follow our cetacean friends even when they are submerged. Watch out or you'll take an unexpected shower! 

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