"A Legacy Of The Pacific" is my debut Young Adult Fiction novel (suitable for ages 10 and above). It features two clever and resourceful mermaids (Princesses Ciona and Bual-Lile) and their self-reliant 12 year old brother, Prince Solas, nicknamed 'Pincin.' The novel is available in print form and e-book form via Nook (through Barnes and and on


"Pincin, Prince Of The Pacific" (suitable for Young Readers) is a solo adventure featuring the adventurous young prince of "A Legacy Of The Pacific." Concerned with the growing amount of pollution he continues to find in his beautiful Pacific Ocean home, Pincin works to gather and properly discard of as much trash as possible. The problem being too much for one small boy, he luckily happens upon a family from the mainland who happily join his cause. Through Pincin's guidance, his new friends learn a great deal about ocean ecology and recycling. This book is available via and Barnes And Noble.


"Pincin And The Blue Whales" follows Pincin's continuing efforts to protect our visiting cetacean friends along the Pacific coast. Joining him are the Broussard sisters from the mainland and his elder sisters, the mermaids Princess Ciona and Princess Bualile. The royal siblings prove that working together in spite of their differences can yield great results! This book is available via and Barnes And Noble.

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A Legacy Of The Pacific


Fashionista Princess Bualile de Cote D'Oro is jet-setting royalty solely focused upon her upcoming coronation...that is, until she discovers that she is actually one of three living heirs to her father's mysterious undersea kingdom. Once reunited with elder sister Princess Ciona and younger brother Prince Solas--nicknamed 'Pincin'--the trio is confronted by a plot to overthrow their government. Joining in the cause to save their nation is Curadh, the siblings' brave and intrepid cousin, his brash and cynical friend, Liam, and Pincin's pals--Bubble, an orphaned dolphin, and Squeak, an otter. Once united, the heroes of Nereidia Pacifica can't fail! 


Available via and Barnes and Noble (including NOOK)

$17.95US print  $3.99 NOOK

Pincin, Prince Of The Pacific (Print)

ISBN- 978-1-63452-294-6

Pincin, the Prince Of Nereidia from the novel "A Legacy Of The Pacific," stars in this solo adventure. In "Pincin, Prince Of The Pacific," young Solas strives to rid his ocean home of the perpetual garbage discharged into the waves by the people of the California shoreline. He meets some unlikely allies in the form of a kindly sailor and his two granddaughters. What he teaches these young girls about ocean ecology and recycling inspires them to take on his cause as their own. 


Available via Barnes & Noble and in the US, UK, Australia and Canada

$12.99 US


Pincin And The Blue Whales

ISBN: 978-0-692-93065-6

While collecting plastic to be recycled, Pincin and his friends Gracie and Sophia witness one of the most amazing sights of our coastal waters: A blue whale and her wayward calf. The kids soon find themselves rescuing the distressed calf amidst the attention of

well-meaning viewers along the shoreline and a news helicopter

crew who might inadvertently reveal the existence of the secretive mermaid nation of Nereidia Pacifica. Joined by Pincin's sisters, the princesses Bualile and Ciona, our heroes must find a way to protect the errant young whale, as well as themselves. 

Now available from and soon coming to eBook platforms, as well as to bookstores near you!


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