July 5, 2020

It is rather funny how an off-handed, goofy remark spurred on this essay of self-examination, so please bear with me while I puzzle this out: Recently, someone I ‘Internet’ know remarked to me that she could not fathom why a person of my gender and age had such an inte...

April 5, 2020

Ahoy, fellow mariners, and greetings from Nereidia Pacifica! Prince Solas, here--or 'Pincin' to you, my friends, checking in with all the latest news from Royal Lycana. 


All is ship-shape and Bristol fashion here in our beloved Pacific and we are staying well and happ...

October 6, 2019

Fall is finally, of course, the temperatures are rising and I am beginning to plot my next book. But wait--let's talk about the NEW book! "Pincin And The Blue Whales" was released last month and is already garnering some great reviews. Thank you to everyone w...

August 18, 2019

2019 has been a harrowing adventure for me and, frankly, I nearly did not make it to see the new year. Last August, a visiting nurse injected me with a deadly bacteria and, within a few moments, I was so ill that I had to be rushed to the emergency ward. Days later, I...

July 17, 2018

On the heels of "A Legacy Of The Pacific"™ and the solo adventure, "Pincin, Prince Of The Pacific"™ comes a new tale of valor above and below the ocean waves, "Pincin And The Blue Whales."™ Young Prince Solas, nicknamed 'Pincin,' continues his campaign to rid his belov...

September 23, 2015


As much as I've enjoyed writing a novel and now a children's book featuring my own characters, I still enjoy writing short story fan-fiction from time to time.  In honor of the Autumnal Equinox, I've written a new Bugaloos tale which functions as a backstory for IQ. E...

December 26, 2014

Here's one of those writer's exercises which are welcomed when you've been plotting much longer tales. I've always loved the short story format and enjoyed writing fan-fiction of that type for many years---lots of "Thunderbirds," "Jonny Quest," "Gambit" and "Aqualad" t...

October 5, 2003


by Daria


[Disclaimer: All Thunderbirds characters are the property of Granada/ITV; all rights reserved. This work of fiction is solely for non-profit entertainment. Please do not republish this work without notice to and permission from the author.]



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A New 'Legacy' Adventure Is Here!

August 18, 2019

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