DH Brooks' prose is as lyrical and thoughtful as any I have read in recent years. It is a lovely melange of undersea fantasy mixed with a healthy dose of Southern California realness. Fans of this genre would do well to explore the world Ms. Brooks has created and become lost in its depths.

Phil Jimenez - Wild Choir Entertainment and author of "Otherworld"," Wonder Woman" and "Tempest: Prophets And Kings"


"A Legacy Of The Pacific" takes the reader on a fantastic voyage into an underwater wonderland. I often found myself chuckling at the witty interplay between her characters, all of whom must embark on a challenging journey of self-discovery. Ultimately, their solitary trials bring them together to save their ocean home.

Laura Faeth - author of "I Found All The Parts : Healing The Soul Through Rock'n'Roll"



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A Legacy Of The Pacific

Young Adult full-length novel about the adventures of three courageous youngsters--heirs to the throne of a mysterious undersea kingdom--who battle to save their nation from both usurpers and the forces of nature!

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