DH Brooks' prose is as lyrical and thoughtful as any I have read in recent years. It is a lovely melange of undersea fantasy mixed with a healthy dose of Southern California realness. Fans of this genre would do well to explore the world Ms. Brooks has created and become lost in its depths.

Phil Jimenez - Wild Choir Entertainment and author of "Otherworld"," Wonder Woman" and "Tempest: Prophets And Kings"


"A Legacy Of The Pacific" takes the reader on a fantastic voyage into an underwater wonderland. I often found myself chuckling at the witty interplay between her characters, all of whom must embark on a challenging journey of self-discovery. Ultimately, their solitary trials bring them together to save their ocean home.

Laura Faeth - author of "I Found All The Parts : Healing The Soul Through Rock'n'Roll"



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Pincin, Prince Of The Pacific: Print

Pincin, the young prince featured in the novel "A Legacy Of The Pacific" strikes out on his own as he battles to rid the Pacific of the garbage strewn by those of the shore. In this tale, he meets new allies and teaches them the benefits of recycling and caring for our oceans.

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